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About Us

Perpetua Iron LLC is a decorative iron company. We fabricate iron railing, gates, firescreens, mailbox and sign posts, trellises, and interior and exterior furniture. We build anything that can be drawn on paper. We custom design our clients' projects to respond to functional needs and aesthetic interests. We produce original drawings to develop project ideas.

The company consists of the long-time fabricators and designers from LeLU Metalcraft, which closed its doors in January of 2011. John Leible and Janet Sanders are co-owners of Perpetua Iron. Our combined skills include over 50 years of experience in metalworking. We established Perpetua Iron to continue the tradition of finequality, artistic ironwork designed and fabricated here in St. Louis.

Our work is characterized by an attention to craft, structural and material integrity, graceful design that complements the physical setting, and well engineered function.

The skill set of our staff is broad-based , including: fabrication design, knowledge and practice of the tradition of decorative iron, fine art studio practice, blacksmithing, installation and painting, foundry skills, sculpture and mosaic skills, and application of patinas and other fine finishes.

About Us

John Leible

is a master practitioner in decorative iron. He is an artist, designer, and brilliant with fabrication techniques. He grew up in New Melle, Missouri, working on ornamental iron from the age of 11 and enjoying motorsports. He has three sons and lives with his wife on the top of a small mountain in House Springs, Missouri with a beautiful view of Missouri forests and hills.

Janet Sanders

is an ornamental fabricator, mosaic artist and designer. She grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She has studied sculpture and worked in bronze casting foundries using the lost wax process. She lives in Old North St. Louis in a 120 year old alley house behind another of her historic rehab projects, surrounded by cats, plants and wonderful tenants.

Colleagues In Craft

  • Dragonfly Studios : a great collaborator and designer / builder of beautiful wooden fences – always perfectly built and designed with imagination.
  • Lea Koesterer: an excellent glass artist, highly accomplished and spectacular work!
  • Sculpt Nouveau: where we get the best and most marvelous supply of finishing materials and advice with exceptional knowledge of the practice of patination.
  • Shapiro Metal Supply: where we get our best selection of steel and other interesting materials and structures – always an exciting metal treasure hunt with great service.


Blacksmiths Association of Missouri

Our Location -by appointment only-

Our shop is located in the Old North neighborhood of SAINT LOUIS MISSOURI
Please visit
By Appointment Only!

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